One thing I have found to be really rewarding in following this Master Key Experience training, has been including my 11-year-old daughter in the unfolding process.  I find that she has such an open mind, and as I draw the analogies to everyday life, and have her help me look for the shapes and colors as we drive, I feel we are drawing closer in a whole new dimension of relationship.

I have told her how each of the shape/color combinations relate to my PPNs, so as we call them out to each other we say “Red circle!  Positive feelings!”, “Yellow square! Actions taken!”, “Blue Rectangle! Helping others!” and “Green triangle! Building legacy!”

As I am reading the lessons in the Master Key, The Greatest Salesman, or my index cards, she is absorbing it, taking it in, I know that only she can pick it up, but I feel really good offering her the opportunity of perspective and independent thinking and goal planning.  We often notice themes of perseverance, fooling our dreams, stepping out of the “River of Dreams”, and defining a single pointed focus around our heart’s desire.

Many times, sometimes minutes, sometimes days later, she comes out with something she heard from my reading and relates it to the moment at hand.  When she does, I have two primary feelings, one of gratitude that she is internalizing this information I had at her age, and a confirmation/acknowledgement of the relevance and importance of what we are learning.

I am looking forward to shepherding her as she begins to put this process into practice in her life, and am excited to see how she begins to focus her Dharma, while I accompany her on the path of my own!