As part of our “assignment” for this week, we were offered several movies to watch that all had important themes of persistence and how they relate to what we refer to as DMO (Definite Major Purpose), PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), POA (Plan Of Action), and MMA (Master Mind Alliance).

I watched all the suggested movies, and each one was remarkable and inspiring.  Some I watched alone, and the ones that were age-appropriate I watched with my daughter who is 11.  Her favorite was Cool Runnings, which I greatly enjoyed too.

However I decided to write about the movie “Door to Door”.  I found this movie very touching and moving in a very simple way.  The character was not exactly heroic and had character flaws relating to his disability and history.  It was very difficult for Bill, the main character, to accept help or even love from people around him other than his mother.  And yet, he inspires love and respect from those around him.

It is the true story of Bill Porter, a Portland OR. man with cerebral palsy who overcomes all odds and doubts to become a successful and respected salesman.  He wanted to work, to be self-sufficient to the degree that nothing was going to stop him.  His mother always cultivated a positive mental attitude with him, and I had to smile when he opened his sandwich his mother sent with him with “patience” and “persistence” written on each side.

His plan of action was essentially to persist until everyone became so accustomed to him that even those who said they would never buy anything from him did.  People became attached to him and felt a loss when he first tried to retire.  He was always cheerful and never seemed to let refusals get him down.  It was very touching to discover that a lonely woman had been buying stuff from him for years just to get him to keep visiting her.

The two greatest masterminds in the story were between Bill and his mother, and he and his assistant Shelley.  These were two women who completely gave him encouragement and emotional support, and demonstrated their strong faith in him.  This story presented a clear picture of a man who, against all odds, followed his DMP, maintained a PMA, never faltered in executing his POA, and was able to get where he did with the help of his mastermind partners.  If Bill Porter can do it, so can I!