As we enter the second week of the Franklin makeover, we are concentrating on noticing and spreading kindness.  I have been focusing on noticing all the daily kindnesses that people perform for strangers, and it brings me joy to realize how much kindness there is out there all the time.  Listening to or watching the news you would never know, and many people are afraid to venture out to interact with strangers unless necessary.

But out there is the real world, the positivity and humanity of people shines through far more often and with greater normalcy than any criminal or anti-social behaviors.  I find that observing humans in the natural environment gives me far more hope for the future than taking in the “news”.  After all, what we call news today is only the bad news, sensationalized to keep people tuned into fear.  Whenever I see or hear a teaser like “this could save your life, news at 11” or “the thing you are doing now that could kill you” or similar items, I can’t help but think if they really cared and it was important they would tell you now!  Not make you tune in later, but it is all about the ratings…

Anyway, as I am looking for kindnesses, I also noticed that opportunities to be more kind, more generous, more helpful began to reveal themselves too!  I am grateful for these opportunities to develop my kindness more deeply.  A worker at the Autism Center where I worked asked if I could give her advice on finding an inexpensive guitar for one of the clients, so I gave her an old guitar I had around the house.  Then a friend and teacher of mine lost his sister in Africa.  Since he has not great means, one of his dance students created a GoFundMe page to help him return to Africa to be with his family during this difficult time of transition.

And so, though you may not know Moussa, here is an invitation to a random act of kindness.  You can make someone’s life easier today!  You can impact an entire family and village today!  Thank you, whatever you do, be kind, see kindness all around you.